Lin’s in-joke laden Wesleyan rap is great, but his insights are even more impressive. Such a fantastic guy, and so deserving of his successes. I always had a hunch that the “Cinnamon Lin” at Neon Deli was named after him, but now it’s confirmed. 


Lin-Manuel Miranda ‘02: ”You know I wanted the best things. Breakfast at Neon and dinner at Wes Wings… and it’s fight, fight, fight, fight for Wesleyan! GO WES!” 

Wesleyan University alumnus Lin-Manuel Miranda ‘02 speaks/raps/sings during the Wesleyan Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association on May 26.

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    "Your set backs can be your greatest source of strength. Say yes." I swear this man is exactly who I want to be like...
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    "It’s okay. Your setbacks can be your greatest source of strength, and say yes!"
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    He is amazing
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